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About Us

German Toasting Glasses has been in the German import and European gift business for over 40 years. We are a family owned and operated business now in the second generation.

German StereoIn 1965, when the business was originally started, we imported German stereos into the USA. You may have seen them at some of the many shows and fairs we participated in throughout the United States. They were a complete piece of furniture with a radio, record player, 8-track stereo, bar and electronic fireplace. The business was then known as GST Co., which stood for German stereos.

After years of traveling and changes in the stereo industry, we opened a store in St. Paul, Minnesota which was called Deutsches Haus. We offered traditional German gifts such as nutcrackers and smokers, souvenirs, German hats and German foods. At the store, we also had a small cafe where you could sit down to real German coffee and Kuchen (cakes).

Because of the economy, a physical move and increases in the Euro, after 30 years Deutsches Haus was unfortunately closed - however, we continue to operate the online portion of the store. The parents of the store had also at this time reached retirement age and were no longer able to work.

In 2001, German Toasting Glasses was started with the idea of promoting the German Bridal Cups. It was started by GST Co., and then later transferred to another company which eventually went out of business. Just recently, we aquired German Toasting Glasses back and it is once again being run under GST Co.


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