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Wedding Anniversary Gifts

At German Toasting Glasses you can find several types of anniversary gifts!

25th Wedding Anniversary PlateIf your gift is for someone of German heritage, our 25th wedding anniversary plate makes a perfect fit! This anniversary plate reads in German "Zur Silbernen Hochzeit" which translates to "On your silver wedding anniversary".All of our plates come with a permanently attached hanger on the back.

50th Wedding Anniversary PlateIf your gift is for a 50th wedding anniversary, we also offer a 50th wedding anniversary plate in the same version as above. On this plate, it reads in German: "Zur Goldenen Hochzeit" which translates to "On your golden wedding anniversary".

Traditional Wedding PlateIf your preference is a plate that is not in the German language, we recommend our traditional wedding plate.

We also offer several other versions of pewter plates which can be used for any special occasion as well as anniversary gifts.

Pewter Bridal CupOf course we also offer our Nuernberg Bridal Cups as a unique wedding anniversary gift! Bridal cups are still today a popular wedding tradition in the southern part of Germany and originated in Nuernberg, hence the name. There is an interesting story behind the start of these cups that is a "must read". Each bridal cup comes with this legendary brochure and is nicely gift boxed.


Another popular wedding anniversary gift is our King Arthur and Guinevere heart goblet toasting glasses. The stems are hand sculpted pewter figurines in the shape of King Arthur and Lady Guinevere. His sword and her flower bouquet that they hold are done in 23K gold and when these glasses are set side by side they form a heart between them! View all of our heart wedding couple sets here.

Wine glasses make a great anniversary gift as well. Our wine glasses are imported from Germany and are the traditional wine glasses seen on the Rhein River Cruises and popular restaurants in Germany. They come in several different styles and Gold Wine Glassessizes to choose from:

These products mentioned above are our most popular and recommended for anniversary gifts. We invite you to browse our entire site and view our selections as all make unique and one of a kind wedding anniversary gifts.




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