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Decorative Plates

We offer decorative plates in several styles and themes (even in the German language) to choose from. If you would like detailed information and recommendations on our wedding plates, please visit our personalized wedding plates page.
Decorative Plates for Wedding Anniversaries

We carry decorative plates in the German and English language. For wedding anniversaries, we recommend our 25th anniversary plate and 50th anniversary plate.

Decorative Plates - ReligiousIn the religious motifs, we have our Creation plate and the Confirmation or Baptism plate. Both of these plates offer beautiful raised-relief images on the front side and on the back side in the German language (Creation plate only) is the biblical passages in relation to the images. Even if you do not speak German, these plates are both breathtaking.

Romance PlateIf you are a fan of Carl Spitzweg (a famous German romanticist painter) we offer the Romance plate which depicts a scene from his paintings from the 18th century of two young couples in love. This plate also works well for weddings and 18th century enthusiasts.

Germany PlateOur Germany (Deutschland) plate is a favorite among our customers searching for an all-around German gift. This plate depicts several well known German cities such as Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg and more.

Elk PlateFor the hunters in your life, we suggest our Elk plate. This plate is exceptionally unique in that it has a porcelain center. The image is painted onto the porcelain which is then decorated in the pewter frame.

Birth PlateIf it's a newborn baby plate you are looking for, we offer a unique birth plate which has three areas for engraving the details of the baby's birth. A newborn baby's room is the scene on this plate.

You can view our entire selection of decorative pewter plates here.



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