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Engraving & Personalization Process

Personalized Gifts
Shown above: A typical day's work for one engraver.

View a detailed sample of of our engraving by clicking here

Our Engraving Process
Our engraving is done by a special technique we've developed. If you have ever had a metal item engraved before you may have noticed that the engraving was lightly etched or scratched onto the surface. Our engravings are actually "carved" into the product giving it a depth you can see and feel. Your engraving is guaranteed.

Once your order is placed, a work order is created and sent over to our graphics artists. The graphics artists create a special template for the engraver who in turn then transfers it onto the glass or pewter. Once engraved, your item then goes through a clean-up and polishing process. It then goes through a final inspection and moves on to shipping.

We offer eight different styles of lettering to choose from. Click here to view the entire alphabet in each of these styles.

Black Chancery Monotype Corsiva Gothic Heidelbe
Script MTMistralRusticScript

Ordering an Engraved Item - The Process
As you browse through our site you will find that most of the product detail pages have a link to view detailed engraving on that particular item. This will help to give you an idea of what you can expect your item to look like. There are also links on each page to view the entire alphabet of the lettering choices we offer along with other enhancements such as a gold or silver fill on glass items.

If you choose to order an item engraved, you will have the option to specify so on each individual product page. You can choose your font style, silver or gold fill and even gift wrap if you like. The shopping cart will then take you to our shipping calculations page so that you will know what your shipping costs will be before you place your order. Once you have done this, you will be taken to the final checkout page to complete your order.

Once we receive your order, we will review your requested engraving. If we have questions, or if you need your item sooner than the normal time needed, etc., we will contact you with available options. We can do orders on a "rush engraving" basis for an additional fee.

We ask that you please review your order confirmation carefully which you will receive via email once you finalize your order. Your order confirmation will outline your requested engraving. This is what will be engraved on your item. If there is a mistake and you do not contact us, your item will not be engraved properly!

Engraving Limitations & Custom Orders
We do not limit you to having to engrave specific things, such as names and a date. You can have us engrave anything you wish so long as it meets the amount of text allowed for the particular item you chose. We can also engrave in any language you like. Special characters not supported by American keyboards do not get in our way! If you have a custom engraving order, we recommend you contact us.

How Long Does it Take?
Normally, your order will be engraved and shipped within two weeks. During the wedding seasons (spring and fall) this may be extended. Spring, fall and Christmas are our busiest seasons, so we recommend that you place your order well ahead of time if possible.

We do our best to get your product out to you in a timely manner, but in all honesty, there may be times where an order is delayed. We will contact you if this may be the case. We ask you on the order form to give us a "need by date" just for this purpose so we can be assured we do not miss your special day. On occasion, orders may need to be processed on a rush engraving basis which will require an additional fee. We take note of your "need by date" on your order form and will contact you if we feel we need to process your order on a rush basis.

Can I Return an Engraved Item?
All sales on engraved products are final. If you are uncertain as to whether or not you will like the item, we recommend you order the item first without engraving. If you decide to keep it you are always welcome to send it back to us for engraving. We try to offer many pictures and as much detail of our items as possible so that it can help you with your purchasing decision. Non engraved items all carry a 30 day no questions asked return policy.

Engraving on Bridal Cups
Our Bridal cups are designed after old time replicas. Due to the unusual shapes and curvatures, using our engraving technique or hand engraving is usually the only way to have these personalized. Most of today's engravers use engraving machines which do not have the ability to engrave these heirloom cups and unusually curved surfaces.

Most often, customers that have purchased a bridal cup with the intent of having their local jeweler engrave the item wind up disappointed. We usually get the bridal cup back for engraving. We are not trying to tell you that we are the only company that can do these, but rather that it can be difficult to find someone locally that can engrave these type of cups.

Why Choose Us?
The way our engraving is done is one of several reasons and is what sets us apart from our competitors - please click here to see why!

Custom Engraving
This is our specialty! If you are in need of something special or unique, please contact us and we will be happy to help. All we need are the details in order to give you a custom quote.


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