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German Gifts from Germany & Austria

Our gift items are imported direct from many regions of Germany and Austria.

German Gifts - Bridal CupsOur wedding cups are especially unique gifts for those of German heritage and planning for a wedding. They are very popular in the southern part of Germany and it's not unusual to see these in almost every jewelry shop. This age old tradition of toasting from this special cup is a tradition that is now becoming more and more popular in the United States (Read the story behind the wedding cups here). They even come in different colors incase you need a wedding cup for a 25th or 50th wedding anniversary gift.

German Gifts - Pewter GobletsAmong our selections you will also find our popular Albrecht Durer Renaissance chalice, Durer Renaissance beer stein and Durer Renaissance wine goblet.

Of some of our other Renaissance gift ideas, be sure to check out our German Renaissance drinking horns.

Deutschland PlateIn Germany, pewter plates are a popular item. We offer several to choose from, including our popular Deutschland plate, birth plates and Anniversary plates. Some of our pewter plates even come in the German language, such as our Creation Plate. On the back of these two plates you will find the biblical passages relating to the pictures in the German language.

If it's wine glasses you are looking for, be sure to check out our german wine glasses imported from Germany. Our best sellers are the traditional green stemmed German wine glasses used on the Rhein River Cruises and seen throughout many of the fine restaurants in Germany.

Wine DecanterOur German wine decanters are from Stuttgart, Germany and some from Austria. They are 24% lead crystal and some are decorated in pewter for a unique touch. You can find these in a range of styles from the popular duck decanter to grape theme wine decanters. If you prefer solid pewter, you may want to check out our solid pewter wine decanter which is theme after the traditional harvest and production of wine.

Albrecht Durer Beer SteinOur pewter beer steins come from Stuttgart, Germany. These are offered in several themes. Some of our most popular are the Wildlife stein, Bavarian stein, Albrecht Durer stein and the Germany beer cup.






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