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The Nuernberg Wedding CupToasting with the Bridal Cup

To this day, the chalice remains a symbol.
Love, faithfulness and good luck await the couple who drink from this cup...

Dazzle Your Guests with the Wedding Cup Toast!
The bridal cup, also known as a wedding cup or maiden cup dates back centuries ago (1450) to a little town called Nuernberg in the Southern part of Germany and is a popular German wedding tradition.

It's the story of a nobel mistress who fell in love with a goldsmith of whom her wealthy father, a powerful nobelman did not approve. The wedding cup story is inspiring and true, and the start of this wonderful German tradition.

Each bridal cup comes gift boxed with a legendary brochure - brochures in the German language are available upon request. Free engraving is an added bonus when you purchase one of these timeless keepsakes!

Concetta Bridal Cup
Wedding Cup
Concetta Pewter Bridal Cup in Medieval Theme

8-1/4" Tall
Free Engraving!

Aleria Wedding Cup
Wedding Cup
Aleria Pewter Bridal Cup

8-5/8" Tall
Free Engraving!


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