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Gifts for GroomsmenFinding the perfect gifts for your groomsmen can be difficult when you are busy with your wedding plans.

You would like to be able to give each a special gift  reflecting careful thought and appreciation. This is where our personalized groomsmens gifts come in - unique affordable, thoughtful and personalized to suit.

German Toasting Glasses has gathered a collection of affordable quality gifts for your groomsmen which can be personalized in just the way you like.

We give you four different lettering styles to choose from and a generous amount of text (two lines of 16 characters each) on each item. Engraving on all our groomsmen gifts is only $10 per item. This allows you to make your gift extra special with more personalization.

Gifts for GroomsmenFor more information on engraving and what we can do for you, please visit our engraving page. You will also find samples of our engraving on each detail product page.

Among the most popular of our groomsmen gifts are our pewter tankards and our wedding steins. Manufactured by Royal Selengor, our tankards come in a variety of styles and shapes to choose from and we offer them with solid pewter or glass bottoms.

Our wedding steins are manufactured in Germany and are a combination of pewter and glass.

View our entire selection of pewter tankards here!
View our entire selection of wedding steins here!


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