German Toasting Glasses

Traditional Toasting Order for Weddings

  • The best man traditionally should perform the first toast.

  • Next, the maid of honor toasts the groom.

  • The father of the bride toasts the wedding couple.

  • After these initial toasts, the groom's parents can also toast the wedding couple and the bride and groom may toast their parents and the guests.

Although this is still considered the proper order of wedding toasts, it is not necessarily always followed this way today. You wouldn't want your best man making a toast if it is going to make him so nervous that he cannot even speak or decides to get drunk first in order to take the edge off!

Formal Business Toasting Etiquette

When performing a toast for a special business occasion, the toast should be separated into the following order:

  • Stand and start with referring to what the occasion or celebration is for.

  • Acknowledge and briefly summarize the accomplishments of the recipient.

  • Express goodwill for the entire group.

  • When closing , hold up your glass and ask that the entire group stands to drink with you a toast to the recipient.

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