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Pewter Tankards

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English Pewter Tankards

Our pewter tankards come in a variety themes such as Renaissance, Dragons, Celtic, Baroque and classic designs. These Pewter Tankards are made in England and are the highest quality of pewter tableware.

Our tankards contain 97% virgin tin and are crafted of 100% lead free pewter by craftsmen with years of experience in creation of pewter tankards, and who have the distinction of having creating one of the worlds largest Pewter tankards, with a capacity of 2,796 liters.

Our tankards make an excellent gift for your groomsmen or for any special occasion, especially when enhanced with personalized engraving! Winners of several design awards these tankards are sure to please either as personal or wedding gifts.

Gold Trimmed Tankard
Lucas Gold Trimmed Tankard
Solid Bottom
Classic Pewter Tankard
Classic Pewter Tankard
Glass Bottom
Colonial Sword Pewter Tankard
Colonial Sword
Pewter Tankard

Glass Bottom
Viking Horn English Tankard
Pewter Classic Tankard
Classic Pewter Tankard
Glass Bottom
Banded Design
Lion Handle Tankard
Stainless Steel Tankard
Stainless Steel Tankard
Solid Bottom
Pewter Tankard with Emblem
Pewter Tankard w/Emblem
Glass Bottom


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