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  • Bridal Cups
    We are the largest seller of the popular Nuernberg Bridal Cups! Browse this selection to find a variety of styles to choose from. New items are constantly being added.
  • Beer Steins
    Find traditional German cermanic and pewter steins in a variety of styles to choose from.
  • Decorative Pewter Plates
    Pewter plates from Germany, many of which are even in the German language are offered in several styles and themes to choose from.
  • Renaissance Drinking Horns
    Real German cattle horn drinking vessels with stunning pewter decorations.
  • Wedding Glasses
    Find wedding sets that interlock in a variety of themes such as hearts, lace, roses and Renaissance themes.
  • Pewter Goblets
    Authentic German made pewter goblets for toasting and special occasions available in several themes and styles to choose from.
  • Pewter Tankards
    English tankards in celtic, nautical and traditional styles.
  • Shot Glasses
    Shot glasses made from pewter and glass in several styles to choose from.
  • Wedding Steins
    Made just for weddings, these make unique wedding party gifts. Glass and pewter styles.
  • Wine Decanters
    Unique wine decanters manufactured in Germany in Crystal and Pewter.
  • Wine Glasses
    Offering the famous Römer green stemmed wine glasses as seen on the Rhein River Cruises in Germany as well as other popular German wine glasses.
  • Wine Sets
    Combination wine glass sets in pewter and crystal.
  • Wedding Cake Toppers and Server Sets
    Find cake toppers for your wedding, cake knives and server sets.
  • Pewter Accessories
    Plate stands, wedding accessories and cleaning kits

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