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Popular Places to Get Married in Germany

Popular Places to Get Married in Germany

In Germany, the weddings are done differently than the way they are done here in the USA. In Germany, you must first get legally married at the local registration office called Standesamt. The church wedding and reception will usually follow anytime after the civil ceremony was performed and is usually considered the actual date of marriage.

Germany has strict regulations for non German citizens to get married in their country. Because of this it can sometimes be very difficult to make arrangements for getting married in Germany. For more information on the requirements, you can visit “Getting Married in Germany – Things You Need to Know”.

Some of the most popular places to get married in Germany are:

Located on the Austrian-German border, Salzburg is one of the most beautiful places in not just Germany, but all of Europe as well. If you visit the “old town” part of Salzburg, you will be in awe of the internationally renowned baroque architecture. Salzburg has an attractive setting and very scenic alpine background. This is the place where Mozart was born and where several parts of the movie “The Sound of Music” was filmed.

Munich is the capital of Bavaria and is located in the SE corner of Germany. The famous Neuschwanstein Castle and where King Ludwig lived is only about a 1-1/2 hour drive from here. You cannot get married at this castle, but you can use it as a breathtaking backdrop to your wedding ceremony or take a tour.

Directly below the castle is the town of Hohenschwangau where you can take an old time horse and carriage ride right up to the castle where you will be taken through the forest and be able to view the mountains and lakes that surround the area.

Landshut is a little medieval town just East of Munich, and if you are looking for a real medieval setting, this would be the place for you. Castle Trausnitz, which was built in 1204 is on top of a hill which overlooks the small town. The castle itself, has an authentic medieval look to it with it’s high towers, fortifications and chapel. Since Landshut is so close to Munich, this makes a great destination for those that are also interested in visiting Munich.

Allgäu Alps
This area is extremely breathtaking and noted for its beautiful landscapes. It is a popular place for vacations and well known in Germany for its farm produce, especially “herdsman cheese”. The Alpine regions in this area are great for skiing. There are two main rivers that flow through here, the Lech and Iller. If you are looking for more of a private stay for your wedding, this would be your best bet with the several cabins available right in the mountains.

Rhein River Cruise
The Rhein River Valley is an incredibly romantic adventure if you should decide to tie the knot on a cruise. The river passes through many hillsides and small towns where you will see cobblestone streets and vendors selling fruit. There are several restaurants along the way serving authentic cuisine. There are all sorts of places to stay along the way including Castle Liebenstein. Castle Liebenstein is near one of the boat landings for the Rhein River Cruise, so it would be a great choice. Another great place to stay is at the Hotel Im Rheintal which is also very close to the boat landings. From this hotel there are hiking trails that lead into the mountains. Prices for either of these places is reasonable.


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