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Why Do We Clink Glasses

Why Do We Clink Glasses?

Where did the idea of clinking the glasses come from? Although there is no real proof or evidence that we are aware of, there are a few theories…

  • Hundreds of years ago in Greece when it was common to poison your enemy, a toast was seen as a gesture of good faith. The host would pour the wine into a decanter and then drink from it to prove it was safe. Once the host had proved that the wine was safe, then everyone felt comfortable enough to drink it as well. The clinking of glasses during this time could have been a sneeky way for wine to be passed back and forth between glasses to prove it was safe.
  • There were many cultures that believed that clinking glasses would drive away evil spirits. It was these evil spirits were many times the ones blamed for drunkenness.
  • It was considered a welcome sound for weddings and birthdays.

The Italian toast “cin cin” sounds like the sound of glasses touching.
Up until the 16th century, toasts were usually only made to “good health”. Today it is to salute a special day, marriage, promotion at work and many other special occasions.

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