Engraving – Why Choose Us?

10 Reasons to Choose Us for Your Engraving Needs

  1. We stand 100% behind our products and offer a lifetime guarantee on our engraving. Should your engraving ever wear off or become faint, we will re-engrave your product free of charge. Your satisfaction is our main concern.
  2. Our engravings are not simply scratched on or etched onto the surface of our products. Light etchings can sometimes be hard to see and you have to be so very careful when cleaning your product so as to not eventually wear the engraving off. We actually cut into the glass or pewter which produces a three dimensional effect. Your engraved item will have a depth you can see and feel. Our process is more time consuming than machine or hand engraving, but well worth the results.
  3. Our work is guaranteed and we know our products. We have engraved our items countless times are are very familiar with what will work best and look the best for you.
  4. We take full responsibility for your product. If we make a mistake, we re-engrave your product at no charge to you. If you should decide to hire an outside engraver and he makes a mistake, you have lost your investment.
  5. Our engravings are done “in house”. This means that the entire process is done by our staff which allows us to closely monitor your order from start to finish.
  6. We don’t restrict you to having to choose certain engraving patterns such as names and a date for a wedding item. After all, it is your product and we feel you should be able to choose what ever you would like to have engraved! The only limitations we set is how much can fit in the area.
  7. We can engrave in any language and work with any keyboard layout. Many engraving companies will not engrave items that require special font considerations.
  8. We offer you more options, such as adding a silver or gold fill to the carved out lettering. We also offer a nice variety of lettering styles to choose from.
  9. Not only do we engrave just our products, but we also do orders for customers that already have a product and need an engraver. You are not limited to having to purchase one of our products to receive an engraved item. Feel free to contact us for more information.
  10. In addition to this, many of our items, such as the bridal cups are difficult to engrave. You may have a hard time trying to find an engraver in your area that does this kind of work. Most often, and from what we have heard from our customers is that they were unable to find an engraver. This is due mostly to the fact that most engravers use machines which are not able to tightly hold the bridal cup while engraving. Hand engravers are still able to engrave on such items as these, but they are few and far between.