Glass Replacement



Broke your glass?  Need it repaired?

We are able to repair your special occasion or wedding glasses whether you purchased your glass from us or at another store.

What type of glass do we repair?
We are able to repair glass that has any sort of a metal or pewter stem and if it is a flute or bowl shape.  If the stem of your glass is also made of glass, our apologies, but we are unable to help you.  For those sorts of repairs, it costs much less to simply purchase a new glass.

What does the glass replacement cost?
Our glass replacement starts at $15 per glass (if you purchased the glass from us) plus return shipping. If you did not purchase the glass from us, glass replacement starts at $25 per glass plus return shipping.

How do I know you can match my glass?
We carry some of the most popular glass types and sizes as well as different colors.  Sometimes we are unable to get an exact match.  If that is the case, we will contact you to see if you still want the glass replacement.  In other cases, if one glass was broke and it was from a matching set, we’ve simply replaced both glasses to get an exact match.

What if my glasses were engraved?
Engraving is our specialty and we are happy to provide this service as well.  If you originally had the engraving done by us, no worries, because we keep all artwork for each and every order.  If you did not have the glasses engraved by us, we are able to provide exact matches in most cases, or very close in others.  We can engrave in almost any font style.  We can duplicate the engraving from an image you email to us, or if you send the undamaged one to us.

How do I get started?
To get started, simply start answering questions and filling out the form above, then add to the cart.  You will be able to add any additional notes or instructions to your order as you go through the check-out process.  Once complete, you will receive a confirmation of your order.  Send the glass to:

German Toasting Glasses
1314 310th Avenue
Frederic, WI  54837

Please be sure to include your order number or copy of your order confirmation so we’ll know who you are when we receive your glass.

Please contact us with any questions.

Additional information

Weight 18 oz

Glass Replacement Info

Previous Customers
If you originally purchased your glass from us, choose yes for a discounted glass replacement cost of $15.  You will then be asked for your order number (if you still have it) or the name your previous order was originally placed under.  If you did not purchase your glass from us, the cost of replacement is $25.

Glass Type:
Please choose whether you need a flute or goblet replaced.

Glass Color:
We offer several different glass colors.  Please choose your preferred glass color.

Glass colors
Available Glass Colors

Please choose whether or not you would like to have your glass engraved.  If you are a previous customer, and want the same engraving, we still have the artwork and will be able to engrave it just as it was on the day you received it.

For just $10, you will receive two lines of text of up to a total of 48 characters (approx. 24 characters per line).  For an additional $10, you may also have another two lines engraved with a character limit of 48 characters.

All engraving lines are centered unless otherwise specified.  There are times we will use our own judgement and make changes to the engraving.  As an example, you may request all capital letters, but the font you chose would not look well in all caps.  We will never change your verbiage or font choice without contacting you first, however, we will correct punctuation and make adjustments to the layout if necessary.

The time it takes to engrave and ship your order is two weeks.  This can sometimes be shorter or longer depending on the time of the season.  A tracking number will be sent on the day your order ships.

How to Provide Us with Additional Engraving Instructions:
You are able to provide additional information and engraving instructions when you go through the check-out process.  Please enter any information pertaining to your engraving in the “order notes” field which is found on the same page where you enter in your billing and shipping details.

We offer eight different fonts to choose from including Chancery, Lucida, Corsiva, Champagne, Times, Script MT, Old English and Engravers.  If you have a special font consideration, please contact us as we can usually engrave in other font styles as well.  Please see below for samples of the fonts we currently offer.

Engraving fonts
Engraving Fonts

Color Fill:
Color fill is a process in which we fill in the engraved lettering with a permanent silver or gold paint to enhance the appearance.  It is available on glass and ceramic surfaces only.

For example, if you are purchasing an item for a 50th Wedding Anniversary, you may choose to have gold color fill. Or if you are purchasing an item with a metal base and glass flute, you may choose to color fill the letters to match the color of the metal.  Overall, it will enhance the appearance of your item, making the text more visible and easier to read.  The below examples are from left to right: gold fill and silver fill.

Gold and Silver Fill
Gold and silver fill for glass and ceramic


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