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Large oak trees are abundant in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) region of Germany. They represent strength, endurance and perseverance – all the key ingredients of a strong and lasting marriage. In addition to this, toasting from hand crafted horns date back to the Medieval/Renaissance era.

Whether you are looking for a traditional German wedding idea or to add a Renaissance touch to your wedding, this wedding toasting set is a perfect match.

Two large oak leaves in high relief pewter cradle each crystal horn. The stems of the leaves entwine and are permanently attached to the polished pewter base where a special engraving area is provided. Backed by a lifetime glass replacement warranty.

This item comes with free engraving on the pewter base.  Additional engraving may be done on the crystal horns.  For details, please see the Engraving Information link to the left.

Need ideas on what to engrave?  View our popular engraving phrases used most often by our customers.

The traditional Schwarzwald toast :
With the crystal horns in hand, the bride and groom interlock their arms together to perform the toast. The raising of these horns to the lips and drinking from them is the final seal of the wedding vows and casts the stone for their future together.

Lifetime Glass Replacement Warranty
For as long as you own this product, you will have a lifetime glass replacement warranty.  If the glass ever breaks, send the stem to us and we will replace the glass and return it to you. The cost of repair starts at $15.00 per glass.

Cleaning Instructions
To clean the glass part of your stemware, wash BY HAND (never in a dishwasher) with water. Simply rub the pewter stem (if applicable) with a soft cloth.

  • SKU: 73212
  • Height: 10 Inches
  • 12 oz. Hand-crafted Crystal Horns
  • Free Engraving
  • Special Engraving Area provided on Base
  • Each Horn May Be Engraved
  • Gift Boxed
  • Made in Germany
  • Engraving Process
  • Lifetime Engraving Guarantee
  • Lifetime Glass Replacement

Additional information

Weight 80 oz

Engraving Information

Free Engraving:
Free engraving on this wedding set includes two lines of text of up to 16 characters on each line on the pewter base.  Additionally, the horns may be engraved at $10 per area with each area including a total count of 44 characters.

Engraving Format:
All engraving lines are centered unless otherwise specified.  There are times we will use our own judgement and make changes to the engraving.  As an example, you may request all capital letters, but the font you chose would not look well in all caps.  We will never change your verbiage or font choice without contacting you first, however, we will correct punctuation and make adjustments to the layout if necessary.

Engraving Time:
The time it takes to engrave and ship your order is two weeks.  This can sometimes be shorter or longer depending on the time of the season.  A tracking number will be sent on the day your order ships.

Need By Date:
We ask for this so that we can be sure that we do not miss an important date or event.  We review your need by date and the shipping method you choose.  In some instances, we may need to contact you and upgrade your shipping method or process on a rush basis so that you receive your item in time.

Rush Orders:
If you need your order sooner than two weeks, you can choose the option to rush your order.  We also ask for the date you need your order by and we take that into account when you choose to rush your order.  We will contact you if necessary.

How to Provide Us with Additional Engraving Instructions:
You are able to provide additional information and engraving instructions when you go through the check-out process.  Please enter any information pertaining to your engraving in the “order notes” field which is found on the same page where you enter in your billing and shipping details.

Color Fill:
Color fill is a process in which we fill in the engraved lettering with a permanent silver or gold paint to enhance the appearance.  It is available on glass and ceramic surfaces only.

For example, if you are purchasing an item for a 50th Wedding Anniversary, you may choose to have gold color fill. Or if you are purchasing an item with a metal base and glass flute, you may choose to color fill the letters to match the color of the metal.  Overall, it will enhance the appearance of your item, making the text more visible and easier to read.  The below examples are from left to right: gold fill and silver fill.

Gold and Silver Fill
Gold and silver fill for glass and ceramic

We offer eight different fonts to choose from including Chancery, Lucida, Corsiva, Champagne, Times, Script MT, Old English and Engravers.  If you have a special font consideration, please contact us as we can usually engrave in other font styles as well.  Please see below for samples of the fonts we currently offer.

Engraving fonts
Engraving fonts


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