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A Unique Wedding Gift Idea

If you’re looking for a unique wedding gift idea, offers a nice selection of crystal and pewter products specially crafted for wedding gifts.  Some of the items you’ll find are special toasting glasses in wedding themes, particularly the Nuernberg bridal cup.  Browse our collection of these unique German bridal cups and when you find the perfect wedding gift let us personalize it with commemorative free custom engraving, then ship it to you gift wrapped and ready to use.

German Wedding Cup
German Wedding Cup

Our wedding cups are one of our most unique wedding gift ideas. Originating in the southern part of Germany in Nuernberg, the age old tradition of drinking from this special cup is becoming more and more popular in the United States and makes an unforgettable wedding gift which can be custom engraved.

We offer these wedding cups in several designs to choose from. Each wedding cup comes with a legendary brochure in an old Germanic style font that explains the story behind the wedding cup tradition. Originally brought to life in 1450, these wedding cups especially make a unique wedding gift idea for any Renaissance enthusiast or for anyone with a German background, but are suitable for anyone.

The wedding cup is designed so that the bride and groom can toast their wedding simultaneously from the same cup.  They come in your choice of solid hand-crafted pewter or in a pewter and crystal glass combination.  These wedding cups are designed in the shape of a maiden with a large skirt that serves as the cup for the groom.  The maiden holds a smaller cup over her head which is designed for the bride to drink from.  This smaller cup swivels, so that the bride and groom can drink at the same time.

What makes these wedding cups even more unique, is the story behind them and how the bridal cup came to be.  The story is a romantic one and about a king that would not allow his daughter to marry a goldsmith unless the goldsmith could accomplish what the king though was an impossible task.  The story of the Nuernberg bridal cup is included with every bridal cup.  Many people like to read this story to their guests before the bride and groom perform the toast.

As an added bonus, the German wedding cup can also be used every year after on the couple’s anniversary for that special wedding celebration toast.

Whether you are of German heritage, a Renaissance enthusiast, or just simply looking for a unique wedding gift idea, the Nuernberg bridal cup makes a great choice.  All of our bridal cups are made in Germany with the quality craftsmanship and careful attention to detail that Germany is known for.  View our German bridal cups here.